Special Edition : Samsung S7 Edge Olympic Edition

When it comes to  Special Edition Smartphone no one can beat Samsung in this “Specific” Segment. The South Korean firm have revealed it is making an Olympics-themed edition of its Galaxy S7 edge smartphone ahead of the 2016 games kicking off next month in Rio de Janiero.

Pre-Order : €879


The Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition comes with a special body design, embedding the Olympic rings in a special pattern that lights up in the five official colours.
Unlike the standard Galaxy S7 edge, the Olympic Edition unit will come in a textured limited edition box, with an individual identification number (like GER-0001, or GER-0002 …, or GER-2016) embedded on it.

Only 2,016 units are up for grabs. So if you’re planning to pre-order one, you might have to act really fast. Shipments begin July 18, which is the official launch day. Aside from Germany, the device will also be available in the US, Brazil, China, and South Korea.